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Forum topics

Мнениеот ionutchircu » 07 Май 2015, 20:50

I have a question / suggestion: why aren't you changing the forum format, i mean the way the topics are structured?
There are tons of topics with only one question and one or two replies... or these topics below with videos


There should be a topic dedicated to videos, another one for screenshots etc...a visitor of your forum is losing a lot of time to find topics, to open a topic then go back and open another topic and go back again and open a third topic and go back again and so on and so on....It is much easier when you open a single topic, and you can see there all the videos/screenshots posted by the users and you just browse the pages of the topic.

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Re: Forum topics

Мнениеот nikito » 08 Май 2015, 17:03

I agree with you. :ОК :тутуу :) :велик Траинз
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Re: Forum topics

Мнениеот rumensoft » 11 Май 2015, 09:48

Because it will be mess if one topic is only for video or something else and if you want to see something you have to search in the topic - it's so slow.
Now for every new Topic - new Topic. It's very quick to find something, when you just checking the topic name - it's like Content in book ;)
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